Himangshu Barman, Soujita Pramanik, Gargi Nandy, Sampa Banerjee and Gautam Aditya

Spatial distribution and morphometry of the succineid snail Succinea baconi (Pfeiffer, 1854) in India

Abstract The spatial distribution and morphological features of the land snail Succinea baconi (Pfeiffer, 1854) (Gastropoda: Succineidae) from India were evaluated. The survey performed in gardens and bushes in Coochbehar, West Bengal, India, has made it possible to assess the abundance of the snail S. baconi on the randomly selected lemon plants (n = 18). Logistic regressions were employed to judge differences in vertical distribution, resource association and size class variation in the snails under study. Variation in shell morphology was assessed by performing the regression analysis of the sampled shells of live snails (n = 258) and vacant shells of the deceased individuals (n = 100). An overall significant difference (p < 0.05) in the vertical distribution of snails in lemon plants was observed. As to their association with resources available, snails were found to be more abundant in detritus than on living parts of the plants. The performed logistic regression revealed that the relative abundance of different S. baconi size classes was significantly different (p < 0.001). Significant correlations (p < 0.001) were found among different body size variables, with the shell length (x)-body weight (y) relationship being: y = 0.232x2.524 (for live snails) and the shell length (x)-shell weight (y) relationship being: y = 0.358x2.537 (for shells of dead snails). Various parameters of the snail shell shape could be represented through regression equations. Although reproduction and growth strategies of snails need to be explored further, the presented observations improve our understanding of the ecology of S. baconi, which may prove useful for future conservation efforts.

Doi https://doi.org/10.35513/21658005.2021.2.4

Keywords Land snail; Succinea baconi; abundance; logistic regression; length-weight relationship

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