Hadj Aissa Benelkadi, Adel Mammeri, Mansour Amroun

Biogeography, inventory and new data on reptiles of M’sila region, Algeria

Abstract This study is the first contribution to the evaluation of reptile diversity in different habitats of M’sila region, Algeria. We carried out 94 trips between 2016 and 2018 across three sites: Mergueb (six stations), L’mhazem (three stations) and Kaf Afoul (two stations), on average, accompanied by prospectors. Our aims were to make an inventory of reptilian species in this region, as well as to study their diversity, distribution, ecology and abundance. Altogether, we recorded 193 specimens belonging to 22 species: two turtles, one amphisbaenian, twelve lizards and seven snakes. Two species classified as Near Threatened by the IUCN were recorded: Uromastyx acanthinurus (Bell, 1825) and Daboia mauritanica (Duméril & Bibron, 1848). Statistical analysis revealed that the type of habitat directly influences the distribution of reptiles in the study area. Although this small area is rich in reptilian species, their abundance remains low and worrying.

Doi https://doi.org/10.35513/21658005.2021.2.3

Keywords Reptile inventory; M’sila; habitat loss; threatened species

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