Assia Henda-Benrekaa and Riadh Moulaï

First data on cetacean strandings and in situ observations along the Algerian coast

Abstract Data on cetaceans within the pelagic ecosystem remains scarce in the Algerian basin. This is linked to a lack of investigations stemming from the difficulty of quantitative population evaluation through oceanographic surveys and/or strandings statistics. In this context, we considered that it is appropriate to focus on data acquisition from offshore observations as well as setting up a network for monitoring strandings on sites scattered along the Algerian coast. During 10 oceanographic surveys conducted in two Algerian coasts sectors (eastern and central) we observed a total of 245 delphinids corresponding to 8 species that had an irregular distribution. We also identified 83 individuals belonging to five species that stranded between 2007 and 2017.


Keywords Cetaceans; Algerian coasts; stranding, Delphinidae

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