Volume 30 Number 2 2020

Behzad Miri, Majid Mirab-balou and Naser Moeini-Naghadeh

On collection of predatory thrips (Insecta: Thysanoptera) in wheat fields

Djamel Amalou, Djamila Ider, Zouhir Ramdane and Riadh Moulaï

New biological data for Salaria fluviatilis (Asso, 1801) (Blenniidae) from North of Algeria

Souhila Ramdani, Jean-Paul Trilles and Zouhir Ramdane

Parasitic fauna of Sardinella aurita Valenciennes, 1847 from Algerian coast

Corrado Battisti, Maria Paola Di Santo, Luca Luiselli, Giovanni Amori, and Giuseppe M. Carpaneto.

Introduced fish assemblages in a mosaic of urban ponds: evidence for species-area and diversity-dominance patterns

Giancarlo Grillo, Giancarlo Sartori, Corrado Battisti, Vincenzo Ferri, Luca Luiselli, Giovanni Amori, Giuseppe M. Carpaneto

Attempted copulatory behaviour between two phylogenetically unrelated alien species (Coypu, Myocastor coypus, and Pond slider, Trachemys scripta): first evidence