Jobi J. Malamel and Ambalaparambil Vasu Sudhikumar

An investigation of diversity and bioecology of araneofauna of Pathiramanal Island in Vembanad Lake, a Ramsar site, Kerala, India

Abstract A preliminary checklist of araneofauna of Pathiramanal Island is provided. A total of 147 species belonging to 26 families under 92 genera are documented. Tylorida ventralis (Thorell 1877) is considered to be the dominant species, and orb weavers are seen as the dominant guild. Araneidae, Salticidae, Theridiidae, Tetragnathidae and Thomisidae are five dominant families. The Shannon diversity, Simpson’s (1-D) diversity, evenness and Chao1 indices have been calculated. Seven species new to science such as Indopadilla insularis, Epeus triangulopalpis, Marengo sachintendulkar, Indomarengo chavarapater, Icius vikrambatrai, Piranthus planolancis (Salticidae) and Wolongia papafrancisi (Tetragnathidae) are documented as well as three genera and four species are added to the Indian spider taxonomy. The males of Meotipa picturara, Curubis tetrica and Pscellonus planus are described for the first time. Eight species are synonymized and redescribed. Mating plug formation in Argyrodes flavescens is reported for the first time. It is noted that spider species from Pathiramanl Island bear affinities with Oriental and Palearctic regions.


Keywords Abundance; dominance; ecological guild; kleptoparasitic; spider

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