Deimezis-Tsikoutas A., Kapsalas G., Pafilis P.

A rare case of saurophagy by Scolopendra cingulata (Chilopoda: Scolopendridae) in the central Aegean Archipelago: a role for insularity?

Abstract Centipedes feed mainly on insects and other invertebrates. However, they may occasionally enhance their diet with small vertebrates. Lizard consumption by centipedes is rather rare. Here, we report an incident of saurophagy by the most common Mediterranean scolopendrid, Scolopendra cingulata, on the Aegean wall lizard, Podarcis erhardii. Island particularities may trigger such behaviours that could be more frequent than previously thought.


Keywords Centipedes; Mediterranean; Podarcis erhardii; predation; Scolopendra cingulata; Scolopendridae

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