Castro I. M., de Mira-Mendes C. V., Solé M.

Diet of Chiasmocleis cordeiroi Caramaschi and Pimenta, 2003 from the Atlantic Rainforest in southern Bahia, Brazil

Abstract We studied the diet of a Chiasmocleis cordeiroi population in a fragment of the Atlantic Forest in the state of Bahia, Brazil. Frogs were collected at night after an explosive breeding event and were transferred to the lab where they were measured, weighed and had their stomach contents retrieved following a stomach flushing protocol. Individuals were later released back into the pond from which they had been collected. Stomach contents were measured and identified to the lowest possible taxonomic level. The most important prey category in the diet of C. cordeiroi was Hymenoptera (Formicidae), as has been already observed for other microhylids. The large number of prey items in the stomach and the low niche amplitude suggest that C. cordeiroi is a specialist using an active foraging strategy to detect its prey.



Keywords Trophic niche; foraging strategy; stomach flushing; Formicidae, specialist

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