Nadia Oussad, Pierre Queney, Abdelmadjid Chelli, Fatiha S. Bendali, Zohra A. Lounaci, Malika S. Aouar

Assessment of mosquitoes larvae and their predatory aquatic insects in Taksebt Dam, Algeria

Abstract The present paper aims at evaluating the distribution pattern of Culicidae immature stages and the relationship with their potential insect predators in the Taksebt Dam, Algeria. The surveys in the temporary and permanent habitats of this dam using the dipping technique allowed us to identify 13 mosquito species belonging to four genera with a clear dominance of Cx. pipiens and Cx. perexiguus. Predators of mosquito larvae were abundant in permanent habitats with 11 families belonging to three orders: Hemiptera (57.7%), Odonata (28.5%) and Coleoptera (13.9%). Hemipteran predators were the most important and abundant with a dominance of the Naucoridae and Notonectidae families. All mosquito larvae abundance was negatively related with the Hemipteran species abundance, while the abundance of Odonata spp. showed a significant effect on Anopheles spp. abundance. The results are relevant for future research in conservation biological control of vector mosquitoes employing predatory insects.


Keywords Algeria; aquatic insects; diversity; mosquitoes larvae; predators; Taksebt Dam

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