Ankita, M. Afzal Khan, Salman Khan

Relationships between length-weight, length-length, and fish length to otolith morphometry in Rita rita (Hamilton, 1822)

Abstract The present study deals with fish length-weight, length-length, length-otolith size and length-otolith weight relationships in Rita rita. Specimens (N = 117) were collected monthly from September 2018 to August 2019 from Narora site of the River Ganga, India. The slope (b) in length-weight relationship equation was 2.40, suggesting a negative allometric growth pattern. The Student’s t-test showed no significant differences in the size of right and left otoliths in Rita rita, therefore, a single linear regression based on left otoliths was used. Fish length was plotted against otolith length, otolith height and otolith weight. The linear regression model was found to fit the data well for fish length to otolith size. Fish length was positively correlated with otolith height (R2 = 0.97), otolith length (R2 = 0.94) and otolith weight (R2 = 0.91). The mean value of condition factor was 1.13, which suggested a good condition of the target fish species in the River Ganga. Findings of this study could be used to study the population characteristics of Rita rita, and to explore the food and feeding biology of piscivores based on correlating the otolith morphometry of the prey items to the fish length at age.


Keywords Otolith dimensions; River Ganga; otolith weight; linear regression; condition factor

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