Nazir A., Khan M. A.

Relationships between fish length, otolith size and otolith weight in Sperata aor (Bagridae) and Labeo bata (Cyprinidae) from the Ganga River, India

Abstract The present study was conducted to investigate the relationships between fish length, otolith size and otolith weight. A total of 180 Sperata aor and 171 Labeo bata specimens were collected monthly during January 2016 to March 2017 from the River Ganga at the Narora site. Student’s t-test showed no significant differences in the size of right and left otoliths in the selected fish species, therefore, a single linear regression based on the left otolith was carried out. Fish length was plotted against otolith weight, otolith length and otolith height. Moreover, otolith length was plotted against otolith weight and otolith height. The linear regression model was found to fit the data well for fish length to otolith size in both selected fish species. A strong relationship between otolith length and weight was found in both species (r2 > 0.8). Furthermore, the study revealed that fish length is potentially related to otolith size and a strong relationship between fish length and otolith size exists in S. aor (mean r2 = 0.89) as compared to L. bata (mean r2 = 0.70). Such relationships should be determined for the fish species that are ecologically and socio-economically important in order to understand their trophic relationships, population dynamics and yield estimates.


Keywords Long-whiskered catfish; Bata; fish length; otolith size

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